Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Big News... Greenlight Limbo!

Hello, and welcome to another Greenlight Limbo. This is where I highlight games that look fun that I think should be greenlit. These are all personal opinion and I actually paid for some of these. (I didn't download any illegally either). They are also merely in alphabetical order, not any other order.

Blues and Bullets:
Blues and Bullets is a Noir Sin city-esque cinematic game. It looks gorgeous and I'm sure I'll put in hours of gameplay into it to solve everything.

Once Upon a Platform:
Once Upon a Platform seems to be another masochistic platforming game, but that won't stop me from enjoying it.

Protect thy Sphere thingy:
Protect Thy Sphere thingy is a cute minimalist arcade game. I picked it up on Desura, and have had fun playing it, though there is some more work to be done before I could say it's done.

SpaceCube Arena:
SpaceCube Arena is a multiplayer arena game that will be releasing an alpha if greenlit. It looks fun, and could be my new party game away from Gentlemen!.

That Rock Paper Scissors Game:
That Rock Paper Scissors game turns the classic game into an arena battler. Use traps and other tools to block off your predator while you hunt your prey.

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  1. I'm the developer of " Protect Thy Sphere thingy " , I hope you played the 0.0.2 version from Desura and thanks for writing a review on it.