Friday, April 17, 2015

Big News... Zen Puzzle Garden

If you thought that you could never reach enlightenment by playing a computer game.. well... you're probably right. You can, however, fry your brain by trying to solve seemingly impossible puzzles that take place in a tranquil zen garden. 

It was supposed to be a calm day. The larks flew overhead, and the wind blew softly through the cherry trees. Then your OCD kicked in. You needed to rake your zen garden, but don't like to cross the lines.

Zen Puzzle Garden is true to its name entirely in that it is about raking your garden with consistent lines and patterns to avoid rocks and other obstacles. It is a frustrating piece of genius, because it makes you feel relaxed at the same time. I will be honest and say I had to look up one solution, and it wasn't even in late game. By the end of it, I was so used to the game I was solving them left and right, but I had to get the solution for puzzle 2.

If you feel yourself getting too frustrated, the game does have a freeform mode that lets you just go where ever you want, so give that a shot too. Also included is a Puzzle Editor, so you can make your own puzzles and share them with others.

A garden I made from the chocolate castle image on Lexaloffle's Games Page

I honestly encountered zero bugs, so that makes this section pretty much done.

Overall, Zen Puzzle Garden is not a bad game. It's nothing fantastic, but it is what it is. I will still give it the first Grilled Cheese though, for being perfect for what it is.

Zen Puzzle Garden can be purchased from the following location:

My puzzle which I don't even know if it's solvable can be found here:

Friday, April 10, 2015

Big News... Sentinel

Sentinel is an interactive audio tower defense game. It mixes strategic gameplay with a dynamic music system.

Well, you downloaded too many things from the Internet. Your computer is massively infected with viruses, and there is only one way to destroy them. You boot up your audio antivirus program and get to work.


The gameplay is akin to many tower defense games, but due to the rhythm aspect is also more of a puzzle game. Your towers won't activate as soon as an enemy is in range, but rather when the sequencer beat passes over them. Sentinel even has bonus stages that require you to pay attention to the field more to be able to beat them. The musical element also increases difficulty from your traditional tower defense fare.
I refuse to admit how many attempts this one took me.
I have only had one bug, and it's on the bonus level I showed above. Every once in awhile, it will say I can't place any towers when I still have space left and more than enough data to place them. It is easy to fix by just selecting restart node, but it is still a pain.

There is really no story here. You are just clearing out your virus infected computer. Have fun.

Since this is a music based game, I feel this needs highlighted. While I personally enjoy the soundtrack, the fact that it is pure electronic may push some away. I find it fits well however, and am still working my way through the later levels.

All in all, Sentinel is an interesting game, although gimmicky. I don't get a huge amount of fun out of it, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. On my weird scale, I give this game a Buttered Bread. It's fun and interesting, but it is far from a game changer.

Sentinel can be purchased at the following locations:

Friday, April 3, 2015

Big News... Dreaming Sarah

Sarah has been on an accident and is in a coma. It's up to you help her wake up by exploring her dream world while collecting items, talking to weird characters and exploring the world around her! 

You wake up in the middle of a forest. You don't know what's going on. All you can do is walk left or right. Dreaming Sarah is a very surreal experience. I want to do a full review though, so here we go.


This game could easily be considered a point n click adventure, except you control the whole thing via the keyboard. The controls, by default, are 'z' to jump, 'x' to interact, 'c' to walk instead of run and 'space' to change equipment. I had to change space out for another button due to habit of jumping being mapped to it.


I managed to encounter one bug. When you enter the elevator, you are supposed to press a button to make it move. I went into it on accident, and when I tried leaving, it put me in the other room. I've only been able to do this once, so it's not a massive one, and it doesn't affect gameplay.


I already outlined the story when just copy pasting the description from the game's Steam page. The game has a very surreal atmosphere though, and some of the secrets it hides are... interesting so to speak. One secret is a dead cat that's had it's brain removed. I am not making that up.

That poor dead cat. Had it's throat slit and everything.

Alright, while Dreaming Sarah is the first game I've actually gotten every achievement for, it was not easy. I actually had to look up how to progress for a section because I couldn't find the next area. Some of you who play it may not struggle like I did, but still. The item in question was a doll and I didn't know to look where it was. My final thoughts on this game are as follows. It is an interesting surreal experience, and I recommend trying it if you like strange environments. The final grade for this game is crispy toast. It had a lot going for it, but I've played many games similar in tone and story, so it lacked a certain punch for me. It's still well done though.

Dreaming Sarah can be purchased on it's Steam page.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Big News... Greenlight Limbo!

Black Ice
Black Ice is a procedurally generated HACK n Slash (emphasis on hack).  I played a bit of the alpha, and while my hardware is too weak for it to run decently, it was still fun.

It took me a few plays to finally fully understand what I'm doing in Expander. Yes I'm aware there is help, no I did not read it. Challenging and fun, I recommend it to all.

Fancy Skulls
Fancy Skulls is a fun "minimalistic" roguelite shooter. Just try it. And why isn't it Greenlit already?
God of Blades
God of blades turned out to be more fun than I initially worried. The game is easy once you get the timing down, but never the less I feel requires a spot in any 70's fantasy novel lover's library.

Jetpack 2
Honestly surprised I haven't posted this one before. I'm an avid fan of the original Jetpack, and even am a maintainer for a version on IndieDB (Linux version obviously.) The sequel needs just as much love.

Vulture for Nethack
Nethack already has enough devotees, but let's get some more!

Zenzizenic is fun to say, and fun to play. I actually "competed" with them for funding awhile back, and their game deserves it more than mine does. So give em a thumbs up.

That's all for this one folks. Give these guys some love.

Big News... Zigfrak!

Zigfrak is a space-based action RPG, featuring missions, exploration, and crafting. With an emphasis on loot and over-the-top items, it's not a traditional space sim. Enemy ships explode like loot piƱatas, spewing forth useful pickups.

Where should I begin with this? Let's get my personal opinion out of the way. I love Zigfrak. It's just plain fun. There. Zigfrak starts you off in the middle of a war torn galaxy, where you are a major factor in the final results.

I have yet to finish the game, but I have played enough to go over the details. First, the game is varying in difficulty from "that was too easy" to "WHY!!!??!?!?!". This can be frustrating at times, but it's overall balanced pretty well.

Being a Unity game, I didn't have any installation issues, so that's a plus. It also runs great on my machine, which I should do a tech post sometime about. There is an outstanding bug for the Linux version however. Cursor Lock. It says it right in the options that this is a bug in Unity that can lead to crashes, jerky controls, etc. The developer has been kind enough to post a link at which you can upvote to get them to fix the issue.

I look forward to what else we'll see from the developer, but that bug is big enough to where I can only give them a toast rating. I know it isn't their fault, but still.

Zigfrak can be purchashed from multiple locations, all of which are listed on their site, where a demo can also be obtained:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Big News... Greenlight Limbo!

Welcome to another Greenlight Limbo. For my newcomers, I post a few games that are on Greenlight and I feel need to be Greenlit. Some of these have been there awhile, while others are fresh. So without much more ado, lets begin. (Note: There is only one order here, alphabetical.)

8-bit Commando

8-Bit Commando is a 2D sidescroller in the style of NES games. It has an awesome soundtrack and is very well done. It also has decent controller support.


Goscurry I've touched on before. I love this game. It's addicting, fun and hard. And I wanted a musical game for this post and it's musical enough.


Another retrostyle: Inescapable. It's a Metroidvania, and actually plays nicely. Please, help out these developers.


Like twinstick shooters? (If your answer is no, read the next few games.) Also, even if you don't, try this. It's quirky. Sometimes that's all we need.


QbQbQb. Let me start by saying I have no idea how the heck you pronounce that. It's a fun "tetris" like puzzle game. Awesome soundtrack (WHICH IS FREE!!!1!) and just fun visuals. It gets addicting fast.


Cave flyers are fun. This one is fun and fantastically graphical. Let's all play it!

Smiles HD

Did someone say match 3? Yes, I did. Anyway, Smiles HD puts a nice spin on it with cutesy graphics, ambient music and fun match 3ness. I only own the Android version, and would love to pick up the PC as well.


Specter is an action platformer. Looks fun. It's currently invite only, but I can't wait for the release.

Telepath Tactics
Telepath Tactics comes from the developer of Telepath RPG. It's a strategy game and does require some thought, but from what I've seen so far, it rivals Fire Emblem.

Three Dead Zed
Arcade platformer with polymorphism and zombies. Also cats. Tinfoil hat wearing cats. All I need to say I hope.

That concludes this Greenlight Limbo. For those who will criticize me for not being professional, I'm not. This is for fun and to show my support to these developers. I post games I like and want you to like them too.

Monday, November 4, 2013

HUGE NEWS!!! All the World

"A single bullet can change everything...A shot in the dark leads to the other side. Sometimes, though, it can lead to something more..."

Hello, and welcome. Before today, all I have posted on here is opinion pieces. I can't really call them articles or editorials as they really are not. Today however, I am posting something important. 

Today, we are announcing our first commercial game. As the post suggests, it is entitled "All the World" and is a visual novel built in Ren'Py. Wait! Come back, I'm serious!

Look, I know Ren'Py games aren't generally impressive, but the point is to tell a story. That's what we intend to do. *SPOILER ALERT* We will not reveal any of the story before release. 

I haven't written one of these before, so please excuse the erm, lax nature of it. All I can say about All the World is the following:

  • We are customizing the GUI in a slightly different way than normally seen (as can be seen at the bottom)
  • We are working on integrating an ACPI feature for mobile devices (Laptops/Android). This will enable us to put a low battery warning when playing the game.
  • It is our first full work. We want criticism on it (but please don't tell us to kill ourselves). 
  • It will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
  • Android version will be a lighter one as it cannot do movie playback.
  • 720p quality

Thank you all for looking and reading. Later this week, we will start sending out builds to those who already volunteered for testing. I hope this turns into something you all love.

A small piece of the GUI (excuse the Lorem Ipsum. Again, as it's a heavy story game, we are trying to avoid spoilers.)