Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big News... Kairo

Kairo -- The Indie Myst

Kairo is an atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle solving game.

Whew, that was interesting. Kairo, a game that had a Linux version released recently, is of a rare type. Do you remember the Myst series? Yeah, it's like that.

Overall the difficulty is at a commonly classified "Normal". The puzzles aren't all that difficult, though there are two that did have me scratching my head. I haven't gotten all the secrets yet, but that was due to me just working through the main playthrough. The game itself takes about 2-3 hours of gameplay, not including grabbing all the secrets.

The game does have a story, but not on the surface. It's one that you piece together while exploring this empty world. It's a story of chances, and you are the last one. The story is so simple, I can't really rate it though. It's a see for yourself story.

The game is a little buggy, however the bug I experienced is not unique to it. I call it the snow bug, it appears in Rochard as well. This is, from my research, some sort of particle effect that gets turned into a bunch of squares that make what ever they are in front of turn transparent. It's basically caused by my video card. See this:

In the end, it was a nice throwback, and a good pickup in the FPA genre. I hope to see more games of this calibre come to Linux later, but for now, I'm happy playing this one. This game gets a grilled cheese for the effort.

You can purchase Kairo at it's website,

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